About Us

Lyle Andvik

Lyle Andvik of Kindred, ND started flying in 1968 with his good friend and college roommate Robert Odegaard from Hickson, ND. Upon graduating from NDSU in 1969 he entered the US Navy and was designated a Naval Aviator in February of 1971. After serving in Vietnam flying close air support missions (https://blackpony.org) he left the Navy and joined the North Dakota Air National Guard (the Happy Hooligans) where he spent 29 years as a Fighter Pilot flying the F-101, F-4 and F-16 Fighter Aircraft. During his time as a member of the 119th Fighter Wing, NDANG, Col. Andvik held many command positions including Wing Commander.

Upon retiring from military service in 2002 he formed Kinert Aviation, Inc., an air charter company that was granted an Air Carrier Certificate by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in September of 2002. Since that time Kinert Aviation has been flying passengers and cargo under the business names of Red River Aero and Fargo Air Charter. In addition to Air Charter on Demand service, Kinert Aviation has provided aircraft management and pilot services to various Fargo / Moorhead companies that operate everything from small single engine aircraft to Turboprops and Jet Aircraft.

James Cheney

James Cheney started flying u-control model airplanes as a kid. He pursued flying airplanes while attending college at NDSU and became a private pilot. As his interest in aviation grew he pursued further ratings and certifications. He started flying commercial by flying skydivers and running checks at night; he eventually flew freight for DHL. “Flying freight was when I really learned how to fly. The execution of safe flight always considers weather, the capability of the aircraft, personal skill level and currency.” Cheney’s experience covers most of the piston class airplanes to include business class twin engine aircraft and high-performance single engine aircraft. Cheney has maintained FAA 135 currency for 15 years and has served as a company flight instructor as well as a certified company check airman and has +5000 hours of flight experience. LtCol Cheney is a member of the NDANG (the Happy Hooligans) and is a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom ( OEF) the Global War on Terrorism.

Nathan Everson

Nathan Everson of Williston, ND is a UND Aerospace graduate who always strived to partake in the cutting edge extracurriculars available through the aviation program at UND. From being one of the first cadre of test pilots in UND’s fledgling partnership with Cirrus aircraft, to participating in a FAA sponsored study of Advanced Avionics Instrumentation, Nathan was always up for a challenge and to learn more. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from UND’s vaunted program Nathan moved to Santa Monica, CA to flight instruct and with a deliberate focus on rounding out his flight experience. “Flying in North Dakota was great exposure to nearly every kind of weather phenomena…but as far as airspace, terrain and heavy commercial traffic goes I felt like there was still a lot to learn.” It didn’t take long flying in the extremely congested Southern California airspace for Nathan to quickly round out his resume and which time his focus turned towards flying for private aircraft owners to destinations in all parts of the USA. One of his clients eventually had him move to Aspen, CO and then subsequently to Manhattan, NY for private pilot services. After this contract Nathan moved to Denver and flew for a high end flight instructing and mentorship academy that focused on teaching high net worth clients the finer points of aviation in Cirrus aircraft.

Through his career Nathan has flown in 40+ different types of aircraft and has landed at a majority of the largest airports in the USA (often in a small 4 seater aircraft)! He currently has 3,300+ hours and aside from holding the highest pilot certificate available (the Air Transport Pilot or ATP), Nathan is also a certified flight instructor in both single engine as well as multi-engine aircraft and for instrument ratings.

Nathan has an insatiable sense of adventure and is always up for learning the newest techniques be it in aviation or in life. He is most proud of his young family with a beautiful wife named Germaine, a young boy named Oliver and a toddler daughter named Svea.